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Adventure Begins at Your Library 

Summer Reading Program 2024

All programs will begin at 2 pm and will feature an arrangement of activities focused on STEAM for all ages.

June 12, 2024 And We’re Off! Travel Adventures
Calling all adventure seekers! Join us Wednesday, June 12th at 2 pm for a fun-filled afternoon that promises excitement at every turn! 🌟 Embark on a sensory journey with our airplane-themed sensory bin, get your creative juices flowing with our craft station, and dive into enchanting stories brought to life by the incredible Deborah Underwood and Cale Atkinson! 📚✨ And that's not all - prepare for an exhilarating Geo Cache Hunt that'll have you exploring and discovering hidden treasures! 🗺️ Don't miss out on the thrill - see you there!

June 19, 2024 Stay Close! Adventures Close to Home
Don't miss out on the adventure of a lifetime! Join us Wednesday, June 19 at 2 pm for an unforgettable afternoon filled with excitement and wonder! 🎉 Dive into our "Around the World" sensory bin and let your imagination soar as you explore different cultures and landscapes! ✈️🌏 Get your hands busy with our craft corner and unleash your creativity! 🎨🌟 Plus, get ready to be captivated by enchanting tales spun by the brilliant Joseph Coelho and Chris Van Dusen! 📚✨ And to top it all off, join us for some bubbly fun that'll leave you smiling from ear to ear! 🎈 Don't miss this chance for adventure and joy - see you there!

June 26, 2024 Solve This! Puzzles, Scavenger Hunts & Mysteries
Calling all explorers and creative souls! Join us Wednesday, June 26th at 2 pm for an afternoon packed with excitement and inspiration! 🌟 Unleash your artistic talents at our craft station, where imagination knows no bounds! 🎉 Get ready to be transported to magical worlds with enchanting stories by the incredible Kathy-Jo Wargin and Kelly DiPucchio! 📖✨ And for all the budding geologists out there, gear up for a thrilling Rock and Mineral Hunt that'll have you uncovering hidden treasures! 💎🔍 Don't miss out on this fun-filled adventure - see you there!

July 3, 2024 Dream It Up! Adventures in Imagination
 Get ready for an afternoon of adventure and discovery! Join us at 2:00 pm for a whirlwind of fun-filled activities! Immerse yourself in the enchanting tales of Anne Margaret Lewis as she transports you to magical worlds through her captivating stories. 📖✨But that's not all! Dive into our special sensory bin and let your imagination soar as you explore its wonders. 🌈✨And what's a gathering without music? Experience the rhythms and melodies from around the world as we celebrate the universal language of music together. 🌍🎶Bring your friends, family, and a sense of wonder as we embark on this afternoon journey of joy and creativity! See you at 2:00 pm!

July 17, 2024 Go Outside! Adventures in Nature
Don't miss out on the summer fun! Join us at 2:00 pm for an exciting morning packed with activities! Get ready to dive into a world of imagination with books by Robbyn Smith van Frankenhuyzen, guaranteed to captivate readers of all ages. 📖✨ But that's not all! Explore the wonders of our special sensory bin, designed to engage and delight the senses. 🌈✨And for those who love a little friendly competition, we've got Ticket to Ride games ready to roll! 🚂🎲 Bring your friends and family for an afternoon filled with laughter, learning, and lots of fun! See you at 2:00 pm!

July 24, 2024 Around the World: THE BIG SHABANG
🌍✈️📖 Ready to embark on a global adventure? Join us Wednesday, July 24th at 2 pm for an unforgettable journey as we explore the "Wonders of Our World" with Carron Brown! 🌟 Pack your imagination and don't forget your passport - we're setting off on a jaunt around the world that promises excitement at every stop! 📚✨ From towering mountains to vast oceans, prepare to be amazed by the beauty and diversity of our planet! 🏔️🌊 Let's make memories together as we uncover the marvels that await us! See you there, fellow travelers!
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