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Overdrive (Libby)

What is Overdrive?

Overdrive offers a wide variety of services and content formats through a single platform and mobile apps. Libraries offer the services to active users through a personal account via your local library. This program provides access to ebooks and Audiobooks. 

Getting Started with OverDrive (Libby)

1. Click on the Link Below to go to our Overdrive Page or from the listed Overdrive Application: Libby app 

2. Borrow a title from our digital collection. You'll need a valid library card.

3. You can enjoy many titles immediately online, download them for offline use, or send borrowed ebooks to a Kindle device.

​Is there a way to search for available titles?

Yes, there are several ways to search for available titles. 

Click on the search button in the right hand side. For a more advanced search, click on search then click on advanced. In the advanced search, you can search by title, author, formats subject, etc. Then click the search button.

Can I renew a title?

  1. Go to your loans

  2. Click on the renew button

*The renewal button doesn't show up until it is within a few days before the item is due*

Can I Return a title?

  1. Go to your Loans

  2. Click on the return button on the bottom of the item

  3. Click return if you wish to return your item

* Information provided by Overdrive 

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