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Library Bookshelves

Applying for a Library Card

To apply for a library card, stop by the Circulation Desk. You'll need to bring valid photo identification (driver's license, passport, state identification) with your current address.

If you've recently moved or your identification does not reflect your current address, please bring an official piece of mail with your name and current address along with your picture identification. If you are unable to present an item with a current address, your library card will be mailed to you.

​All patrons registering for a library card need to complete a Library Card Application Form. Fill out the form prior to arrival if you'd like to save some time. Patrons must register for a library card in person.

​Please contact the Library if you discover you have lost your card. The fee to replace a lost library card is $1.

Attention Parents:  The library staff will guide your child to age appropriate materials, but we cannot act in your place.  If you have restrictions on any type of materials which your child may check-out, it is your responsibility to enforce that policy.  ​ 

What's your library card barcode?

Your barcode is the string of numbers located on the back of your library card. 

​For cardholders, your barcode is 14 digits long and starts with 20145. 

Circulation Policy 

Books and magazines may be kept two weeks and may be renewed for two weeks. DVD’s can be taken out for for one (1) week. ​ 

Members can only take out 4 (four) books or DVD’s at a time unless you have specific permission from the Librarian to take out more. 

All damage to books, audio-books, CD’s or DVD’s, beyond reasonable wear, and all losses shall be made good to the satisfaction of the Director. 

Each borrower is held responsible for all materials checked out under his name and for all fees accruing on the same. 

Books  and magazines may be returned in the Book Return outside the door of the library. 


Books, audio-books, and DVD’s are also available through inter-library loan. They are under the same policy as above. 

Patrons with fees are prevented from checking out library materials or using the library computers. ​ 


Renewal of library materials may be done in person, or by phone.

To renew during library hours by phone, call 989-862-4633.

Please have your library card number in order for us to access your record. 

Any item that is on hold for another patron is not available for renewal. Items m

ay be renewed a maximum of two times.

Online Catalog

The library's computerized catalog is organized just like the traditional card catalog. Materials may be looked up by author, title, subject or keyword. The computer can also tell you if the book is checked out and when it is expected back.

​If the book or material wanted is not on the shelf or available at our library, please remember that library staff can make arrangements to obtain it. Checked out books may be held for patrons when returned. Books may also be borrowed from another library through inter-library loan. Additionally, patrons are encouraged to suggest holds and materials that they feel should be added to our permanent collection.


​After placing a hold with the library, a library staff member will call when the item is available for checkout. Reserves are held for one week and may be picked up at the circulation desk. Items not picked up within a week’s notification will be returned, or shelved. 

Claims Returned

Are you certain that an item was returned?? Please let us know!​

At that point, a Claims Returned Search is initiated. 

Our staff will search the shelves for a month or more to try to locate the item in question. 

In the meantime, please double-check your home and car to make sure that it didn't slip behind a couch or under a car seat.

Media Return-Use

There is a Media Return, which is located just east of our front door, for your use during closed hours. No DVDs, BOTs, CDs or Zoo Passes shall be put in the Media Return, or there will be a $2.00 per item  fee.

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