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Programming Policy

At the Library

A "program" is a planned interaction between the library staff and the program participants for the purpose of promoting library materials, facilities, or services, as well as offering the community an informational, entertaining, or cultural experience.


Programming includes such activities as story-times, films and activities, summer library program for children, speakers for young adults, and book or author discussion groups for adults.


The Board, in conjunction with the library director, will establish the budget and goals for programming to facilitate the effective implementation of this service.

The Board urges its own members and every staff member, and volunteer to realize that he or she represents the library in every public contact. Good service supports good public relations.

ALA states that local libraries make policies that “fit the needs and resources of their communities”, and because the library is produced to serve the public interest, all religious, political or sexual programming needs to be approved by the Board, in conjunction with the library director.

Adopted on April 12, 2023

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