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All Together Now

Reading Program 2023

All programs will begin at 2 pm and will feature an arrangement of activities focused on STEAM for all ages.

June 7th: “Be Kind And Feed Your Creative Mind”

*Join us for cookies and canvas painting!  We are excited to kick off our summer program with an awesome activity for all ages.


June 14th: “Community Connection”

*Happy Feet Pet Rescue will be joining us for an adoption/donation drive.  Come out and read to the animals available for adoption!


June 21st:  “Kindness For Everyone”

*Bring your thinking caps; you will be building a Rube Goldberg machine!  There will be a wonderful ROY G. BIV sensory bin.


June 28th:  “Working And Playing Together”

*Finish the story!  Kids will be making puppets or using Scratch to finish a popular children's story.

July 12th:  “Science That Serves”

*Enjoy many small science experiments, a sensory bin with magnets, and painting a flower pot.


July 19th:  “Kindness Olympiad”

*Our big celebration in partnership with Pathways Home (next door to the library).  Come play games, win prizes, and enjoy an ice cream social to close our program for the summer.

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