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No Fine Policy 2022

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No Fine Policy 2022

We promised no more fines, and free movie rental with the 2020 millage approval. There has also been a lot of research done by librarians around the country, which shows without a doubt that overdue fines are an ineffective method for getting items back. People get sick, snow falls, work calls; life happens. Overdue fines don’t make patrons more responsible, they just make it more difficult for people who can’t always afford it when the unexpected hits. The Elsie Public Library is dedicated to serving the community, and believes in free and equal access for all. We saw that a significant number of our residents were unable to check out materials because of debt owed to the library, and we believe that it is more important to break down barriers than it is to punish people for late items. There are a growing number of libraries which have gotten rid of their overdue fines in the past few years, and the American Library Association has also urged libraries to reconsider charging overdue fines; these case studies and documents also helped guide our decision


Hurry! Items that are past the due date and considered lost or missing can still be returned and the value of the item removed from the account. After an item has been ordered for replacement, you must pay for the item, and processing fees involved. 


“Fines” or “overdue fines” are the daily charges applied to items not returned by a specific due date. “Fees” refer to the charges applied for lost, damaged, or unreturned materials; we will still be charging fees when appropriate.



Yes. We still believe in personal responsibility and we trust that our patrons will continue to bring back materials in a timely manner. While we may have gotten rid of overdue fines, we do still have a two-week checkout period (with up to two renewals). If items are not returned within thirty days of their due date, the patron will be charged for the value of the item, plus a $10.00 processing fee; patrons who owe more than $10.00 will be blocked from checking items out.  

Overdue Updates for the Elsie Public Library 

All overdue notices for library materials are now going to be sent using your e-mail account, if we have one on file. You must login to your e-mail to see any notices. We will attempt to call all those without an e-mail address. If you receive an overdue notice, or phone call, you can ask to have your items renewed for another two weeks. You can ask to renew your items online through Facebook Messenger, call us at 989-862-4633, or e-mail us at  The Elsie Public Library does not charge fines for overdue items, but we do send out reminders, after the item has been overdue for 2 weeks. If the item is not returned or renewed and is now overdue for 3 weeks, an overdue statement will be mailed. There is a $5.00 fee if we have to mail this statement.


If you no longer need the item you can return it to the library proper, or place into the drop box, located at the front of the building (DVDs may not be put in the drop box) and your record will be cleared.  Items that are overdue for more than 30 days will automatically go into a lost status, and you may receive a bill for the items.

If lost items are not returned, prior to replacement of the item, the cost for replacement will be the actual cost of the item plus a $10.00 processing fee for each item replaced. We will not accept the return of the overdue item one it has been ordered for replacement.


A hold is put on library account if an item is considered lost, until all lost items and their fees have been paid.

Amended on June 15th, 2022 ; Adopted on November 19th, 2020

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Fee Policy
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